Saturday, April 01, 2023
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Rev. Dr. Amos N. Farquharson








"Ever since EBC begun and then you have actually brought a sense of calm because of a sense o proper direction. Taking us out of the willness as far as I've been focusing... a sense of a endless wait would eventually come to an end. So in that amount of purposefulness, we are very appreciative.

And now you have become part of the community. We look forward to your continuous expansion."

Rev. Dr. Amos N. Farquharson 



Hugh P. Morris Jr.







Residential Project In Progress













"We've been around for over 30 years now and we've done work with Harold for the last 7 years. He's done a lot of good work for us including this project here, the First Baptist Church in Sunrise.

He pour the slab on this, did all the foundation work and did a nice job for us.

The great thing about Harold is... I can call him and he will show up in the next day and I never had a problem in terms of getting him out site, get the work done, get it done on time within whatever budget we've set. He's been a great guy to work with.

We've work with him on many projects. We've had a large project that we did when we first started, it was a 52 Unit Townhouse project in Fort Lauderdale. They did the complete shell on that for all 52 units there. There's a 2 story buildings in Downtown Fort Lauderdale.

Harold: We did the side walls, we did the club house, the mail room there... That was a pretty intense job. That was about a 4-million job, just for the shell work.

We've got a new project coming up, that's a residence again in Fort Lauderdale, that he will be doing again the complete shell on that. And I expect the same good quality work that we've had the whole time. Never had a problem in terms of safety, or schedule, or anything else."

Hugh P. Morris Jr.
Licensed General Contractor

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